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Taurus Plus Fuel Oil Back Office Software

Taurus Plus Fuel Software
Each of your customers has unique needs and Taurus Plus Fuel Oil Back Office Software can handle those needs.

Taurus Plus Fuel Back Office Software offers unlimited drop locations. Each location has unlimited tanks and products.

Proper tax jurisdiction for each tank makes tax reporting a breeze. Reports are available by city, county, state or federal jurisdiction for ease of reporting. Tracks excise, environment, manufacturing, sales tax and more.

Each Prebuy or Cap contract is controlled by date and gallon limits. Multiple customer locations or related accounts can pull from one contract. At the end of the contract will split the delivery between contract price and current price.

Fuel assistance is controlled by either a dollar or gallon limit. A special price, margin or discount combined with in depth reporting will please the pickiest state agency.

Other pricing options are: margin over rack, pricing table, and various other discounts.

Taurus Plus Fuels allows you to automatically schedule deliveries based on K-Factors (degree days) or Julian calendar. Each tank is associated with a zone for easier routing.

You can cluster deliveries to control travel time and expense. Multiple products for each customer location are easily managed. Usable tank size, elapsed degree days information and historical fuel usage are all factored into making your deliveries the most profitable size.

Complete history is kept for viewing in summary or detail.

Taurus Plus Fuels Software interfaces with these truck meters: Liquid Controls, Midcom, F-Ram,  Automatic Wireless and morre.  We can also interface to your Credit Card processor.

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