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Taurus Plus Software Screenshots

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Taurus Plus Software has a clean easy to use screen

Tabs and drop downs make it very quick to display the information you need to help your customer.

Billing Address  with  customer comments page and additional subtabs.


Location address includes directions for the delivery or service work.

Tax  jurisdiction and affect for parts or labor for this service work location.

Each location can have multiply tanks for different delivery products.

 Taurus Plus Tank page with products used, delivery type, pricing and tax.

Sub tabs for posting tickets, contracts, fuel asstistance and to print tickets

Our optional propane software modular allows tracking of LP Tanks and Regulators with

gascheck, dates, and manufactory

Flexible Customer Appliance let you track information for all types of equipment:

Furnaces, boilers, A/C, pumps  and other HVAC  equipment

Our open item Payment Postings allow the detail control of applying credits to invoices and tickets.


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