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Service Management Software
Unlimited locations are available for each customer . Each location has directions, contact number taxes and unlimited appliances. These appliances can be maintained to fit your service needs. HVAC, propane, fuel, burner, water pumps, security and more.

Service Plans can be set up for one appliance or for the location. Time and parts covered under contracts can be tracked to review profitability of the service plans.

Work orders can be entered by call types with customized work order text for standard calls like burner cleanings. Each work order can be assigned to the actual appliance, this way the service tech will have the latest information for proper decision making.

Convert work orders to invoices when the job is done. Operators can control what prints on the invoice for quoted jobs, cleanings, and time and material. This prevents calls from customers. Service posting can also creates quote templates and converts them into customer’s quotes and then work orders when customers accept the quote. Large involved jobs can be invoiced and flagged as Work-in-Progress.

Proper tax jurisdiction for each service location makes tax reporting a breeze. Reports are available by city, county, or state. Tracks sales tax on labors, parts, contracts etc.

Service parts inventory can be assigned a category for ease of reporting.
Flexible pricing has four price levels to handle those special customers. Keep track of quantities on hand, quantity on van, quantity committed and more!

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