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When we created our Taurus Plus Family of products, we knew we needed a strong backbone as the base. We started with a state of the art SQL relational database, combined with a multi-platform programming language. We designed it to be easy and fast to use.

Because it is SQL, we can interface with the latest hardware like handhelds, truck meters and report writers. It is uniquely flexible and can work with different operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Aix, workstations or thin clients.

Taurus Plus Software will handle your growth from 1 or 100 workstations in a cost efficient manner. We layered security with a login and password. Each login has its own permission level. Managers can determine the level of access available to employees. Customer representatives, drivers and servicemen will be able to have access to only the information they need.

The next step was to create a bullet proof Accounts Receivable system with real time updating. Open item transactions allow for the proper posting of payments to invoices for those hard to please commercial companies or municipal government agencies.

We make your life easier with recurrent billing for service contracts and budgets. Finance charges, second billing letters, and customer notes will keep track of bad debts and slow payers.

  • Increase cash flow with customers’ automatic payments available by credit card and/or checking account (ACH).
  • It is multi-company/division and multi-region for precise customer tracking and profit analysis.
  • As always we are a company that listens to its customers. You will see new features as Taurus Plus grows with you.

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